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Please contact Sandra & Jürg Willi if you have any questions!


We work in partnership with Canadian Comfort Alpacas in Ontario. Leslie and Bob Comfort have the largest alpaca farm in Ontario. They have about 300 animals at any time and have the largest herd of Suri alpacas in eastern Canada.
We share many of the best sires in Canada with them. These outstanding males are regularly at Domaine Fraser Alpacas to bring their superior genetics to Quebec. Through this teamwork, we can offer high quality animals for reasonable prices.

Sandra and Jürg Willi have been the owners of Domaine Fraser Alpacas since 2002. We work with horses and other domestic animals since 1995. On our educational farm, there are several species of animals. It gives us extensive experience in breeding and care of animals. For years, we have been attending courses and seminars on raising alpacas.
Sandra and Jürg Willi speak three different languages: English, French and German. It is important for our work as a ranchers, we are in contact with breeders of alpacas in Québec, Ontario, Western Canada and even in Europe.


Our property

Domaine Fraser Alpacas extends over 130 hectares.


On 70 acres, we produce organic hay.
There are 30 acres of fenced pastures for our animals. The remaining land is forest.

Our buildings


We have four open stables (cold) to accommodate up to 250 alpacas. So we can make several groups and herds during the four seasons.





For newborns and animals who need more intensive care, we have an  isolated large building with 36 stalls.




Our pastures



We have 10 fenced pastures for various groups of alpacas and to ensure proper rotation of herds.
In pastures, every week we collect the excrement of the alpacas to ensure good hygiene.




The female alpacas in the barn!

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Domaine Fraser Alpacas
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