Our services

  • Huacaya alpacas for sale
  • Suri alpacas for sale
  • Boarding for alpacas
  • Stud service with our high quality males
  • Longterm advice for the realization of infrastructure and the start of an alpaca farm (free with the purchase of animals)
  • Sale of products made of alpaca fiber
  • Sale of special grain feed specially manufactured to meet the needs of
  • To new owners of alpacas, we offer our services to present their animals at the exhibition plateau (valid for all alpacas purchased from our farm).
  • Training on shearing alpacas with the expert Tom Redpath (dates
    upon request)
  • The sale of pet alpacas
  • Sale of guard llamas to protect your herd of alpacas
  • Sale of Great Pyrenees puppies to protect your
    herd or as a pet.

Our goals for Domaine Fraser Alpacas:


Have the largest selection of alpacas in Quebec

It gives us a great advantage over other producers in Quebec because our customers can choose from a wide variety of animals.
Not just in color but also in genetics. We can sell varied large herds for future breeders of alpacas.

We work in partnership with Canadian Comfort Alpacas in Ontario. Leslie and Bob Comfort have one of the largest alpaca farms in Ontario. They have about 250 animals of great quality at any time and have the largest herd Suri alpacas in eastern Canada.

We share many of the best herdsires in Canada with them. These males are regularly at Domaine Fraser Alpacas to bring their superior genetics to Quebec. Through this teamwork, we can offer high quality animals for reasonable prices.



Canadian Comfort Alpacas, Ontario
Owners: Leslie & Bob Comfort


Animals with superior genetics

Our herd of alpacas is of very good quality! We have very good genetics (known lines), many different colors and a wide variety of genetic lines to avoid the risk of inbreeding.

We have all possible colors in our herd, but we specialize in true black, gray and various types of brown and dark brown. These colors are the most in demand on the market and of great value for the production of apparel fiber because of their scarcity!

Visiting exhibitions of alpacas is very important. It is also part of our work. This is how we can have our animals evaluated by experts and make optimal choices in our selection of livestock.

Attending seminars and workshops on raising alpacas is also part of our "game plan" to be always aware of new practices on this subject.

We have at any time between 10 and 15 high quality herdsires on our farm that are available for our animals and those of our customers.


Provide a very good customer service

- It is very important for us to give professional advice to our clients. Everyone who is interested in this type of farming will be in good hands with us! We believe each new breeder that is successful, will be good publicity for us and for our farm!

- We will advise each client individually and very carefully. Our goal is to "give" future alpaca breeders not only good animals, but also good training so that they too can be successfull with their breeding program.

- According to the budget of the buyer, we will prepare packages specially designed for their needs.

- With the purchase of one of our breeding animals, the boarding is included for up to 6 months. This way, you will have time to learn everything you need to know about these animals and prepare your farm for their arrival.

- Females that are not pregnant at the time of sale, we offer one free breeding with one of our herdsires. This offer is also valid for young female crias. Currently, we are the only breeder who offers this "bonus" for their buyers.

- For pregnant females sold, we guarantee a living cria at birth. Otherwise, the client can bring his female back for another free breeding to one of our herdsires.

- We offer our customers
longtime advice and advice for the realization of infrastructure and the start of a alpaca farm (free with the purchase of animals)-

- Also, during the coming years, we will always be available for customers with questions and emergencies.

Natural Breeding and well-being of animals

As passionate animal lovers, it is important to us that the animals have a good quality of life. Of course, this also ensures a healthy animal! We want to keep our alpacas as natural as possible, but also give them a good standard of living. The alpaca is an animal who needs space to run, fresh air and the company of other alpacas. We feed our alpacas only organic hay and high quality feed and minerals. They are dewormed on a regular basis. In addition, we monitor the health of our herd several times a day to ensure that all animals are healthy.


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